Today In SMH News: Toni Braxton Sings Her Songs Farewell, Killer Bees Kill Horses And More

It’s just another sad love song for recent divorcee Toni Braxton as she settled her bankruptcy by putting her chart-topping catalog on the auction block. Bad news: she lost. Good news: “Un-Break My Heart” wasn’t one of the hits for sale. [TMZ]

This is the best way to kill your buzz. A reported swarm of 30,000 killer bees poked their business into a Texas couple (they could have been sexist too given that the woman was stung 200 times and her boyfriend, 50) and stung so hard, they killed their two horses. [Fortworth Star-Telegram]

Anthony Weiner’s campaign manager says sayonara but that’s not stopping the politician also known as Carlos Danger. [Gawker]

A thief pulls off a stunt made for the cinema: snatching $53 million worth of jewelry in the French Riviera right under security’s nose. Spoiler alert: the setting was actually where Alfred Hitchcock filmed “To Catch A Thief.” [CBS News]

Ever wondered how to get arrested at Chuck E. Cheese? Unleash the pepper spray when a kid takes too long, cashing in his tickets for a prize. [Fox 6 Now]

Photo Credit: Getty