‘Smurfs 2′ Is Redefining the Family Dynamic, says Neil Patrick Harris

“It’s pretty fun to run around like a maniac like this guys is,” actor Hank Azaria tells VIBE’s Movies with Milan correspondent Milan Carter about playing The Smurfs 2 villain Gargamel.

The Smurfs head to Paris in the sequel to their first feature film, but this isn’t your average kids flick. Smurfs 2, which focuses on the origin of Smurfette, has some big questions for kids and grown-ups alike, like “What is the definition of family.”

“Today, more than ever families are designed and defined in totally different ways,” says actor Neil Patrick Harris. “It’s not just mom and kids. There’s two dads. Single mom. There’s mom and dad but they are over here.”

“It’s more about who is choosing to love you and choosing to take you on as a family for the long haul,” says Harris.