Snapped: Watch Electro Producer Griz In Never Before Seen Stop Motion Video

Griz, where to start. This photo story is one of the most fun stories I have shot… Griz and I met during Bassnectar’s spring tour. As the only “kids” on the tour we bonded. While I edited photos, he would be sitting beside me creating tracks. I am not sure when and where we first met on the tour, but like all good friendships you never remember the beginning. As days turned into weeks, I was able to watch Griz perform. During that time I gained an immense amount of respect for him: a young, handsome, energetic, music nerd with the insatiable talent of being able to have the crowd fall head over heels in love with him.

Griz asked if I would come shoot him for Governors Ball, which put the crazy idea of shooting Gov Ball from his perspective in my head. What does playing a major festival look like to an up and coming musician on the beginning of his journey? I found myself watching him caught between being a fan to the acts that molded him and the fans that rush him in general admissions screaming his name and begging for photos. I watched as older musicians, such as Paper Diamond, take Griz under their wing, as a big brother, offering advice and protection from what is the music industry, and as Jason Stackhouse and Edward Sharp (Griz’s favorite band) pay their respects to him.

For this Griz I thank you. -Kaitlin Parry (@ShootPeople)