Solange Gives Secret BK Performance & Speaks on New Album [VIDEO]

Brooklyn’s chromed-out, super deluxe Atlantis Laundromat is flooded in light and whirring with activity. This Monday is more manic then mundane as a crew of PAs transform the sprawling space into a makeshift club in a matter of minutes. Tonight, the hipsters ditched their hampers and hiked to their local Wash & Fold for a night of good, clean fun. There may not be any suds or spin cycles, but there will be plenty of spinning. DJ Justin Straus is drowning the impromptu club in bouncy beats, a party-esque prequel to THE FADER and vitaminmater’s ‘Uncapped’ summer concert series. So far, there’s nothing dry about the evening.

DJ, singer, songwriter, supermom, and reigning ‘Bush-burg’ cool chick Solange, is launching the six-week-long series by performing a medley of ethereal EP tracks from her most recent project “True” along with a couple charismatic covers of Dirty Projectors’ “Stillness Is The Move” and Nivea’s “Laundromat.” As usual, she’s flawless, rocking her signature chunky ‘fro, cookies-n-cream colored short set, and teal-tinted lids.

After a spirited set and equally enthusiastic ovation, the crowd is hushed, gobbling up Solo’s candid banter between songs like breadcrumbs. Solo-love is a unique type of awe and appreciation, not a stadium-sized, overly frenzied fandom—Solange is far too approachable for that sort of mayhem. Besides, half of her attentive audience is too busy fantasizing about bikeriding with their impossibly cool, Splenda-sweet neighbor to clamor for autographs.

The 27-year-old style star, who regretfully canceled her European tour to devote more time to her family, sat down with VIBE Vixen to spill the beans on recording her fourth studio album, her impending BK exodus, and her 8-year-old son’s newfound love of dubstep.

Click through for the exclusive interview and performance highlights.