Solange Gives Secret BK Performance & Speaks on New Album [VIDEO]

Fashion week’s coming up; are you going to be participating?
I don’t know, every year I’m involved in Fashion Week in some kind of way. Then I’m like, ‘My feet hurt; I’m not doing this next year,’ and then someone’s like ‘The collection’s good for so and so’ and then it turns into five. Last year, I laid pretty low, though.

Are there any young designers on your radar?
Yeah, my friend has a line—William Okpo—that’s incredible. They’ve had shows the last couple of years in some really cool, unconventional places like Alvin Ailey, so I’m excited. I’m weirdly into the presentation more than the shows because that’s usually the week that Juelz starts school. It’s virtually impossible to make a set time, so it’s nice to be able to go and walk around. That’s where a lot of the emerging designers start.