Solange Gives Secret BK Performance & Speaks on New Album [VIDEO]

Tell me a little bit about recording in Long Island. 
I’ve been there for about a week now. I came here, like, right before the show and I’m going up again tomorrow. We’re in a really cool space, the house of a friend of my manager’s. It’s been like music summer camp.

Has it just been musicians or do you invite your friends?
There are a lot of musicians there that I made friends with throughout the process. Juelz, my boyfriend, and my family are there. It’s so nice to be able to create in that space of relaxation and not having to worry about studio time. I recorded this way my last album and I don’t see myself going back to a conventional studio set up. Studio time is expensive if you’re like me, watching the clock. It’s really nice to roll out of bed and pick up the mic or lay down a melody and take a break, hang out with Juelz and come back.