Somaya Reece on ‘Love and Hip Hop’ Departure: ‘It Does Not Reflect My Brand’

In 2011, a little show called Love and Hip Hop debuted on VH1 and changed the face of reality television forever. As part of Mona Scott Young’s first cast, Somaya Reece brought her own dose of sass, class and hustle to the New York based reality series. Unfortunately, the Latina artist was gone just as quickly as she came and now we have an explanation.

During an exclusive chat with Mara The Hip Hop Socialite, Reece says leaving the show isn’t as dramatic as many would assume.

“Everyone left for the same reason – it was time to move on from the show. It does not, from the beginning, reflect my brand or what I’m doing,” she spills. “Prior to Love & Hip-Hop – I mean people do know this – I had a very large fan base from Myspace. I was the #1 independent artist from Myspace that was brought to get signed. I was doing music and acting, and that was pretty much my goal, so when I got on the show, I thought it was going to be what they promised, which was girl power, and it wasn’t.”

Somaya, who continues to make music and promote health and fitness, says that although her relationship with Scott-Young is “cool,” she would probably pass on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.

“It’s a show that I would really not like to be on because it’s so much going on, but they know what they’re doing, you know. They know what they’re doing. It’s TV that’s built for people to tune in to. I have met Joseline, Stevie J, Benzino, and they’re really cool people to me…I can’t say that I would watch it. It’s not my thing, but it doesn’t mean I would bash anybody for it, you know.”