South African Government Denies Nelson Mandela is in Vegetative State

Several members of the South American government deny that Nelson Mandela has entered a vegetative state, according to Associated Press. Today, the group confirmed that the anti-apartheid leader is in critical, but stable condition. Although his current condition is concerning, close friend Denis Goldberg tells news outlets today that the former president is conscious and responsive.

“There is no sign of a general organ collapse and therefore they do not recommend switching off the machine because there’s every chance that his health will improve. The matter has been discussed and the decision was against,” said Mandela’s wife Graca Machel to Goldberg.

Mandela’s health has taken a turn for the worst in recent months due to a lung infection. Court documents show that his breathing is being assisted by a machine while family members feud over his burial site. With reports of him going in and out of the hospital, the world awaits to see what the future holds for the 94 year old.

Photo Credit: NBC News