Spike Lee Launches Kickstarter Campaign For New Film

Famed filmmaker Spike Lee has decided to get the people involved in what he is calling the “newest, hottest Spike Lee joint.”

In a brief promotional video, the 56-year-old director explained that an NYU student of his informed him of Kickstarter and how several projects, such as TV series Veronica Mars, have been financed through the crowd-funding website. “I have a different vision of what Cinema can be, a different vision of what some under-served audiences might want to see,” Lee wrote on his page. “That is why I am here on KICKSTARTER, to raise the Funds for The New Spike Lee Joint, to get this BAD BOY financed.”

Lee is requesting a total of $1,250,000 to produce the project and has currently earned nearly $10,000 of his goal with 29 days left to go. A minimal donation of $5 allows backers to receive a special tweet from Lee, while the largest donation of $10,000 earns backers dinner and courtside seats at Madison Square Garden next to the die-hard Knicks fan. The only synopsis he offers for the upcoming movie is that it will involve human beings who are addicted to blood and it’s not “Blacula.”

“Sometimes people forget about my body of work,” Lee says in the video. “Film making is what I do, film making is what I love and you guys help me keep it going because this is a motherfuckin’ tough business. I’m going to keep fighting the powers that be… Fight the power!”

Lee’s forthcoming movie OLDBOY is set to hit screens October 25.