Storytime: Stalley Recounts His Humble Beginnings At ALIFE

Stalley: ALIFE Rivington Club was top tier and still is. It was one of the first sneaker boutiques in New York City, let alone the world. With details like the carpet, the finished wood, the sliding ladders, the leather sofas and the glass chandeliers, ALIFE Rivington Club was one of a kind. It revolutionized the sneaker game.

I’ve worked so many jobs. I was working at Sharper Image and it was going out of business. The last day we were packing up the store to leave, I get a call from one of my friends at ALIFE. They knew me there and knew that I always came there to shop and kick it. They were like family before they were family. [My friend] called me and was like, “Yo, you looking for a job?” and I was like, “the funny thing is, I’m just leaving Sharper Image. This is my last day, I have no job, so I am looking for a job.” I went in the next day, and met with Trey and the rest of the owners. They told me that they wanted me to manage the ARC Sports store that they were opening across the street.

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