Ain’t Nothin’ Like A New York Party: The Freedom Party Leads March To Cameo

The Freedom Party hits Central Park for a summer dance fest that celebrates a long-standing movement

WORDS Caleb Bloomfield
PHOTOS Devin Lightner
When the sun bared its humid head on Tuesday, July 2nd unto the initially small crowd in the early moments of the Freedom Party 10th Anniversary event at Central Park’s Summer Stage, umbrellas popped above the partygoers left and right, as did a sudden stream of perspiration. Before the flood of people entered the venue, DJ Herbert Holler, one of the creators of the Freedom Party, was spinning house and electronic dance music, leading the energy of this pre-concert get-together. There were a few people dancing, yet that did not compare to the festivities to come.

Being born in 1992, I listen to much music without memory of when the song first came into being; I know it as a personal pleasure rather than a national hit. A perfect example of this is “Word Up” by Cameo, a staple of ‘80s music. There are few people of my generation who have sung the words of with me. However, this night of the Cameo performance at the Freedom Party took others and me back to the time the song was released as New Yorkers celebrated music of multiple decades.

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1. (Left to Right) DJ Marc Smooth, DJ Herbert Holler and DJ Cosi prepared to bring down the house