Swizz Beatz And Founder Noel Lee Talk New Technology At Monster Products

Swizz Beatz is a beast when it comes to his business endeavors so his recent partnership with Monster Cable Inc. as an investor and board member should sound like no surprise.

Giving his input in creative direction, product design and marketing initiatives, the hit-making producer says that Monster’s genius lies deeper than headphones.

“People don’t understand that Monster’s not just a headphone company. It’s an electronic company that’s been around for over 30-something years,” he tells VIBE. “People just know Monster headphones from the success of Beats. Now moving on from other things, the world is going to be powered by Monster.”

Swizz was also joined by Monster founder Noel Lee, who has made Beats By Dre headphones hip-hop’s most sought after ear-candy. Now, he hopes to take the technology up a notch.

“Sound, as a technology, is really difficult to implement in a headphone. We call it pure Monster sound and to get something that’s clean, balanced and to change the game from what I did before, has to be super precision, articulate, transparent,” Lee explains, holding a neon green and orange pair of Monster ‘phones. “If you look at the headphone, it’s a microphone in reverse. We want to capture what the microphone hears. That’s what our technology is about: bringing that new sound but in a way that’s fashionable.”

Though tight-lipped about the new products, Lee assures that Monster is about to revolutionize how people interact via photos and video on their cell phones and tablets. Swizz even hints at possible Steve Jobs-esque takeover, saying, “We’re trying to be the next Apple.”

Watch the full interview below.

Photo and Video By: Karl Ferguson | Edited By: Brandon Burnett