Take It Personal Brings Jadakiss’ First Encounter With B.I.G. To Life

An elite squad of hip-hop improvisers gathered to reenact Jadakiss’ first encounter with The Notorious B.I.G.

On Friday (June 28) Jadakiss appeared on “Take It Personal,” a hip hop improv show presented by Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds and Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) theater.

Artists are invited to perform their music, share personal stories or be interviewed to generate the material that will ultimately be used in the show.

“Watching an improv show is like seeing someone walk over the tight rope without the net…But way funnier,” Cipha Sounds said.

During this segment, the story of Jadakiss inviting Biggie to his 21st birthday party was brought to life. “Hip Hop improv is taking over the world. Jadakiss walked into the event not knowing what the hell was going on and what I wanted him to do,” Cipha said. “He ended the night laughing hysterically and saying he wants to do the actual improve next time. Everyone loves it after they see it one time.”

Take It Personal will continue every Friday at the UCB Theater featuring a different artist each week. Check out photos of the event here.

Photo Credit: Getty