V-EDM Playlist: Borgore, Tom Swoon, Cash Cash, Midnight Conspiracy

VIBE’s daily dose of dance music:

Borgore ft Dudu Tassa – Wayak
Borgore has been leading the effort of distinction within EDM. Before dropping his new tune with Dudu Tassa on Twitter, he said, “I don’t speak Arabic but I mad that song to show music crosses boundaries of languages, cultures & religions.” That said, enjoy his latest culturally-inspired dubstep creation, “Wayak.”

Paul Oakenfold – Touched By You (Tom Swoon Remix)
Tom Swoon drops this preview of his latest electro track, ‘Touched By You’, on Paul Oakenfold’s most recent episode of Planet Perfecto. Swoon’s remix to this Oakenfold classic will see an official release on July 29, but for now enjoy the blast from the past.

Midnight Conspiracy – Nasty
Midnight Conspiracy continues to take the dubstep world by storm with their latest hit “Nasty.” The DJ comes straight out of the depths of Chicago’s popping dance scene, which shines in the sound concoction. This hit that starts off with an electronic build-up and drops with an eccentric maze of dubstep that will get any crowd going. Stream the track or own it!

Cash Cash ft Beba Rexha – Take Me Home
Cash Cash is going to earn just that. Upcoming vocalist and songwriter Beba Rexha added her voice to the clever synthesized bassline that will bump hard in any sound system, from the car stereo to the clubs.