Vixen Chat: Chanel West Coast Talks Joining Young Money and Balancing Music with TV

Chanel West Coast


Your Now You Know mixtape is all over the place musically – in a good way. Is this intentional?             

That was the goal. I grew up listening to all types of music, so I’m influenced by everything. I [went with] whatever I felt for each [track].

Do you have a favorite track?

I’m a big fan of “Pursuit of Happiness”, because I think it’s one of those songs that everybody can relate to.

How did the Young Money signing happen?

My management team knew that Wayne was looking for a new artist [and suggested that I] go to Miami to meet him. So I went, and played my music [for him] and [everything] just happened from there.

There are a lot of high profile guest appearances on Now You Know.  Who would you like to work with on upcoming tracks?

Obviously, [Lil’] Wayne, Drake, Nicki [Minaj]…I can’t wait to work with everyone from Young Money.