Vixen Chat: Chanel West Coast Talks Joining Young Money and Balancing Music with TV

Chanel West Coast

Is there anyone outside of Young Money you’d like to work with?

Gwen Stefani. [She] was my idol [when I was] growing up. I love how she went from being in a rock band to [making] hip-hop/pop music. I look up to [her] musically, as a style inspiration and icon.

Who is your biggest musical influence?

Tupac. His book “A Rose That Grew from Concrete” made me want to start rapping.

How supportive are Rob Dydrek and the rest of the crew?

Rob is very supportive. A lot of people don’t know [this, but] he originally put me on Fantasy Factory because he was a fan of my [music]. I met him through my Myspace page, and he asked me to [play a] rapping receptionist in one episode.

As supportive as [Rob is], he’s also the type of person that likes to see people work hard and make it on their own. He doesn’t just hand you things.

Do you worry about comparisons to Nicki Minaj?

I [doubt] people think we’re that similar [after] they hear [our] music. [We’re] very different.

Honey Cocaine is on NYK, but do you have a relationship with any other “femmecees”?

Not really, to be honest. [But, I recently] connected with Trina.  I really look up to [her].  She was going to be on my song “Nada,” but she couldn’t [finish it] in time. We’ll probably still do a remix.

As far as the other rappers coming up, they’re all cool, but I don’t know any of them personally.