Vixen Chat: Chanel West Coast Talks Joining Young Money and Balancing Music with TV

Chanel West Coast

Are there any up-and-coming artists who you’d like to collaborate with?

I only want to collaborate with artists on the same level [as me].  I think that [too many] people can put out cool-looking videos and have cute pictures on Instagram and blow up, but the [talent] is not there. I hate to say that, but it’s the truth.

[I’m] about the music, [not] about videos and Instagram.

Have you started working on your debut album yet?

The day after I put out my mixtape, I called my producer and said “we have to start working on the album right away”.

Is there a release date?

No, but it will be [out] soon.

What do your parents think of your career?

My dad is actually a DJ from New York. Everyone is like “she got it from her daddy!”  My dad is a white boy with soul. He grew up in Brooklyn doing graffiti and DJing. He’s super-supportive, but he doesn’t like to hear me talk about explicit stuff (because I’m his little girl). My mom is a heavy metal rock chick, so at first she didn’t understand [what I was doing]. But, [now] she’s super supportive. I’m sure she wants me to get rich and take care of her (laughs).