Vixen Chat: Lil’ Mo Gets Real on the Realities of Life on TV

Lil Mo Beauty ShotWere you scared to put your whole life on TV?
I’m about to expose some people who be lying about reality shows. They say, “Oh, they had me looking crazy!” No, boo, the cameras can’t morph you to look crazy. That was you. They don’t give you a pill or a shot or say, “So right here, this is where you…” No. If you throw something, act a mess, look crazy, cry, mess yourself, that’s you. You’re shooting 146 hours worth of film that’s edited down to 60 minutes–actually 44 minutes–[per episode].  You’re giving face and you’re giving you, so whatever you put out there, that’s what the camera is gonna pick up. If you look crazy on a reality show, that’s on you, buddy.

So you kept it all the way real, then?
I actually went exceedingly and abundantly above all that they imagined.

Were you into reality TV before you were cast on a reality TV show?
I watch weird stuff. I used to watch “Honey Boo Boo.”

What did you learn from other shows?
I watched some shows and I was like, “Yeah, you gotta look like money.” Sometimes we had 4 a.m. makeup and hair, because I’m not going to get on there looking crazy. That would’ve been unacceptable for my team. I watched people like Nene Leakes; Yandy Smith and I are real cool.  [It was interesting to watch her] morph into the business mogul that she is today. She started out as Mona’s assistant, now she’s on the executive side. That’s what I need to be doing.

It sounds like you really studied.
Oh yeah. You gotta study your craft. I have an image and I am a brand, so I was very meticulous and very adamant about what I put out there.

Are you working on new music? Will we see your creative process on the show?
Of course. You know if you give me eight weeks, imma give you an album. I have new music that I call the triple three or V3, which stands for “via veritas vita”.  At first I was gonna call it “The Way, The Truth and The Life,” [in reference to] myself, but I didn’t want people to think it was blasphemous.  I have a song on the album called Goddess Eye.  It’s not a gospel song, but it’s inspirational and [conveys] that even though I’m not perfect, I’m still a bishop’s kid. I still believe holiness is the way. I have another]song called L’s Up, which I know can refer to cannabis, but my reference is to love for Lil Mo! We’ll feature some music ‘cause people are asking. You don’t get this platform and not have something to sell to the masses, so I got music, t shirts, and I’m about to be the face of some products. The doors are opening, Baby!

–Kelley L. Carter

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