Vixen Chat: Little Mix On Being a Young Girl Group, and How They Manage to Stay on Top

Little Mix Group

Leigh Anne

VIBE Vixen: What was your initial reaction to joining a girl group?
Leigh Anne: At first, it was a little bit scary because I thought being a girl group meant not doing the music that I wanted to do, but then I got to know the girls and we were all on the same page. We knew exactly what we wanted to do. I think anyone would be worried. You get put in a group with people you’ve never known before.

What is the biggest misconception people have about Little Mix?
I’ll probably say the only thing is that people think we get on the stage and lip sync our songs which we don’t. We write our music, we produce it and we always sing live.

What sets you a part from other groups?
We kind of take inspiration from all the girl groups. We’ve got a rapper. We’ve got a beatboxer. There’s four of us and we’re all equal. But we’re all quite individual as well. We’ve got different styles. We sing. We dance. We act. We do everything we possibly can (laughs).

You get compared to the Spice Girls a lot. Would you be open to doing a movie like Spice World?
Yes! That’s one of our goals. We want to act in it as well as have a documentary type of thing. I remember when I was younger, I loved the Spice Girls movie.

What about a Little Mix Barbie doll? Are you ready for all of the marketing that comes with being in a successful group?
When we got together, we didn’t just envision ourselves as a singing girl group, but a brand as well. I think you have to think like that. You have to think big. It’s important to establish yourself as a brand and a singing group because we have so many young fans who are into that kind of thing. We’re getting there (laughs).

How do you balance a personal life and such a busy schedule?
Well, three of us have boyfriends. It works because we’re so busy and they’re so busy as well. I like it that way because when you do see each other, it’s more special and you can’t get bored of each other.

You’ve already performed at so many incredible places? What’s your dream stage?
The dream is Madison Square Garden, definitely. And hopefully it’s going to happen.

What beauty products do you need for every performance?
We love Mac makeup, Bobby Brown makeup. I love argan oil. It keeps my hair in great condition, so I need that all the time.