Vixen Chat: Melonie Diaz on “Fruitvale Station”

The Weinstein Company Presents The BET Experience Screening Of "Fruitvale Plaza"Congrats on the success of Fruitvale Station! How do you handle the attention?
I have a great team and family. They keep me grounded, so it doesn’t feel that crazy – it just feels like a lot of fun. It’s overwhelming, but it’s also really humbling at the same time.

Do you ever get used to walking red carpet?
No, but I’ve embraced it with this movie. We all want to spread the word – and spread the love – and that [requires] being in the [public eye].

You’re known for playing quirky, realistic characters in independent cinema. If you had your choice, who would you like to play in the future?
I would love to play a reporter in a movie. I want to see a Puerto Rican version of Lois Lane. Doesn’t that sound awesome? [laughs] Yesterday I saw “Superman.” I love Amy Adams.  I love everything that she does.