Vixen Chat: Melonie Diaz on “Fruitvale Station”

Melonie Diaz After Halle Berry won an Oscar for her performance in an independent film, she became the poster child for black actresses. Do you feel obligated to take on the same role for Latinas?
I don’t feel obligated. I just want to work, and I hope that that my work inspires other people. Not just Latinas, but everyone.

The release of Fruitvale is timely, in terms of the George Zimmerman trial. What are your thoughts on the verdict?
I’m really angry about it and don’t want to go any further into that question. I can say that when I have children, I’m going to raise them to love unconditionally and to be kind – no matter what another person’s skin color is.

You’re going to be on the second season of Girls! Can you tell us anything about your part?
It’s just one episode and I can’t really talk about it. I can’t spill the beans!