Vixen Chat: More Secrets From The Cast of ‘Hit The Floor’

The season finale of Hit The Floor aired last night (July 29) and it left us wanting much more. While you wait in agony for our favorite guilty pleasure to return to VH1, here’s some more secrets the cast dished about the show.

Have you ever wanted to do a character swap?

Katherine: “I’d probably want to be Jelena because I mean who doesn’t want to play a good bitch.”

Logan: “I auditioned for Ahsha so many times, and they just didn’t see me as her. When I look back on it, when I was reading for the role, as much as I thought that I related to Ahsha, I don’t necessarily find that I relate to her the most. I think that if I could play anyone, it would be Kyle because she’s just off the chain. I think she’s so much fun. She’s the life; the comedy of the show. She brings you relief from the drama. She also has some depth to her storyline…”

Taylour: “I’d love to be Kyle, but I obviously am not southern and blonde and hot like that. I think she’s hilarious and smart and she brings a lot of comedic relief to the show. She’s just really fun to watch and her situation is very mysterious, too.”

Photo Credit: Variety