Vixen Chat: More Secrets From The Cast of ‘Hit The Floor’

Hit the Floor

Most Embarrassing Moments

Taylour: “One time when we had The Dream on set and I was dancing, my chicken cutlet fell out, you know the things you put in your boob to make them look big?”

Logan: “I only read for Jelena once before they brought me in to test for her; it all happened so fast. They matched me up with Taylour, who’d already been cast, to make sure we had good chemistry. We’d never met and she didn’t know how I’m reading the role and my approach was to literally embody the character. So I was [being] Jelena towards the casting director and the producers. I was like, ‘Why are you laughing? It’s not funny!’ They’re just cracking up like, ‘Why is she so into this role?’ Ahsha looked at me like, ‘Biotch!’ Her face was so funny.”

Photo Credit: VH1