Vixen Chat: More Secrets From The Cast of ‘Hit The Floor’

Hit the Floor

Gym Bag Must-Haves

Logan: “Man. I’ll tell you, it’s like dance karma to have a gym bag that won’t fit all the things that I feel like I need. Definitely every kind of shoe—a jazz shoe, a sneaker, a ballroom shoe, some flip-flops, and some socks—because you never know what they’re going to throw at you. And definitely wipes, water, and power bars.”

Katherine: “If you’re working with Michael Rooney, you gotta have knee pads. Also, my dance bag always has a huge thing of water. And I like to bring a lot of different clothes, because I like to switch it up. I like to wear a lot of clothes at first, then strip ‘em down. I don’t like to just come in a tank top and pants. I like to be a little more stylish because it’s more fun like that.”

Taylour: “Always a pair of socks and lotion, Band-Aids, extra tampons and panty liners, an extra pair of undies, deodorant. When I was really, really a dancer I always had two pairs of black tights, two pairs of pink tights, two leotards; pretty much as if I was going to a sleepover just to make sure.”

Photo Credit: VH1