Vixen Chat: More Secrets From The Cast of ‘Hit The Floor’

Hit the FloorBeauty/Fashion Obsessions

Katherine: “I love make up. I love shoes. Pumps, heels, as high as they can go, but nice ones, you know? I love Jimmy Choo’s. They look really good on me. I love clothes. I love dresses. I love purses. I’ve always been into fashion, but I’m not, like, Ms. Fashionista. I just love to shop. I bought this shirt the other day that says, ‘Shopping is my cardio.’ Fantastic.

Logan: I am obsessed with sunglasses. I have three pairs of designer shades that I hold very dear to my heart. I usually only buy designer when it’s a celebration. ‘You booked a job, buy something.’ And then I have, like, a thousand Target and Urban Outfitters shades.”

Photo Credit: Trending Report