Vixen Chat: More Secrets From The Cast of ‘Hit The Floor’

Derek Terrence Hit The Floor


Katherine: “First of all, I don’t know if they know who I am, but if they find out what I do, I think they kind of go, ‘Oh Gosh, an actress; they’re crazy. [Laughs] Or, they put what I do on the side and love the fact that I’m a southern belle.”

Logan: “I am so desperate. No, I’m just kidding. I’m not desperate. I’m really not shy, but I prefer homebodies. I like a guy to have personality and be outgoing, but I just don’t like them to be show boaters. I don’t like loud guys. I feel like you’re overcompensating for something, if you have to be that loud. And, I really like intelligent guys, an intellectual—a nerdy guy is just my type. And preferably someone who’s not in the same industry as me. And I just can’t with scrawny guy.”

Photo Credit: VH1