Vixen Chat: Shanell Talks ‘Midnight Mimosas,’ Life Lessons from YMCMB and Being a Musical Multitasker



Young Money is a troupe of many talents. Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj seem to be dominating the airwaves, but Shanell aka SnL is brewing up a movement on her own. The triple threat—she’s a singer, dancer and artistic director for the America’s Most Wanted tour—has been hard at work juggling her tasks. SnL is determined to make her mark in the music biz. While her debut album is still in the works, her latest mixtape Midnight Mimosas serves as a mere appetizer and a prelude for what’s to be expected in the coming months. Trust, this petite powerhouse has a lot in store.

Shanell took a break from her busy tour to chat with Vixen about her album’s direction, fantasy boos and what she wants to convey to her followers. —Stacy-Ann Ellis

What was your direction when you were crafting Midnight Mimosas?
Those who know me know that I like my mimosas whether it’s midday or midnight. And the same applies for my album, which I named Under the Influence. It doesn’t have to mean under the influence of a midnight mimosa, but just under the influence of love, madness, whatever. Midnight Mimosas was just to foreshadow what the album is going to be about. It’s R&B at its fullest. I’ve been known to fuse a lot of music but I wanted to take my first album and really give something that people can understand and relate to before I take them on a journey with my second and third album. Midnight Mimosas is true R&B; it’s fun music, it’s honest music. It’s summer cookout barbeque, pool party, bedroom. It’s all that.

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