Vixen Chat: Tanisha Long of MTV’s Girl Code

tanisha-long-beautyAt one time or another, we all need advice. Sometimes, you want to recover from an embarrassing interlude (witnessed by your crush). Others, you may need insight about a current relationship. Perhaps you want to flirt, but have no idea where to begin. This is where Girl Code comes in. MTV’s newest sketch comedy aims to save one girl at a time from public or intimate ridicule.

VIBE Vixen had a recent chat with ultimate “Girl Code” funny girl, Tanisha Long, about the show, her skills, and the best and worst advice she’s ever given–and received.

Where do you draw inspiration from, for your Girl Code advice?
Most of my Girl Code advice is inspired by embarrassing mistakes that I have actually made. For example, after I dry-humped some dude last summer he wouldn’t stop calling or sexting me. When we started shooting the show; I decided to share the Girl Code on that situation. I knew I couldn’t be the only one dry-humping [herself] into trouble.

 [Editor’s note: In this situation, Girl Code says to “tell him to get a grip” and leave you alone. If you actually wanted to bang him, you wouldn’t have spent two hours sandpapering your crotch on his jeans.]