Vixen Chat: Tanisha Long of MTV’s Girl Code

tanisha-long-full-bodyWhat’s the worst scenario you’ve been in, when you needed Girl Code” advice?
I wish someone could have bestowed some Girl Code gospel upon me in high school and in college! I was so boy crazy and so stupid! Like, literally, I was too busy obsessing over boys to pay attention to my schoolwork. I was also a huge sci-fi nerd until I realized guys thought that was weird, [so I began to focus on] crop tops and hair extensions. None of that is acceptable. We should be looking for guys that can accept us for who we are and uplift us! Girl Code!

What’s the worst advice you’ve received from another girl?
The worse advice that a girl has ever given me is “you should stop eating so much junk food.” Girl, are you crazy?! That’s definitely breaking Girl Code! Unless someone asks for your opinion about their diet, mind your business and keep it moving!

Which celebrities violate Girl Code?
The number one breaker of Girl Code right now is Amanda Bynes. I know she’s going through something, and I hate to say anything bad about someone who clearly needs help, but she called Michelle Obama ugly on Twitter. I can’t ignore that kind of Girl Code-breaking.