Vixen Chat: Tanisha Long of MTV’s Girl Code

Tanisha_LongHow did you get the opportunity to appear on Girl Code?
I ended up on Girl Code via six years of studying and performing comedy in NYC and a little magic! By “magic”, I mean [that] my hilarious friend Damien Lemon (“of Guy Code”) sent some of my work to the show’s producers. The next thing I knew, I was auditioning for my dream job.

What is the best advice you’ve given so far on the show? What advice should every girl always keep in mind? 
The Girl Code that I am most proud of dispensing is that you should be very picky about the men you let into your life. If he doesn’t make you feel happy, safe, and beautiful then he’s not worth it.

Will there be a Season Two? If so, will the format change to include more skits?
Season Two is coming soon. I’m hoping it will feature more sketches, as my background is in sketch and improvisation.

What makes “Girl Code” so different?
“Girl Code” is different than most shows for women because it’s super-honest and very diverse. The whole cast has different points of view about womanhood, so it’s not just some narrow-minded talking head show [that reinforces] gender roles. I think it’s refreshing and necessary.

Have you talked to the guys of “Guy Code”? What are they like?
I love all the “Guy Code” guys! I’m really good friends with Damien, Jordan and Charlemagne. They are the sweetest and most hilarious guys I know!

What’s up next for you, Tanisha?
Right now I’m gearing up for Season Two of “Girl Code.” I’m also writing new material for a one-woman sketch show that I’m planning to perform in NYC this fall.

-Sharifa Daniels