Vixen Chat: Tia Mowry on Her New Vegan Lifestyle

TIA MOWRY CBSHave you ever backtracked and eaten meat?
Fish.  Yes.  In the seven months of being vegan, I’ve eaten fish a few times. Beef/chicken? Not at all.

Biggest misconception people think of veganism?
That the food tastes disgusting. The food is AMAZING. I find it bursting with even more flavor.

What’s are the best benefits of being vegan? 
I find that I’ve lost “extra” lbs that I didn’t want.  I have more energy now, and I find that certain ailments that I’ve always struggled with–migraines and eczema–are no longer a problem.

What’s an easy way to start adding vegan meals into your diet?
Start off by juicing.  Salads are always great too.

What are the benefits you’ve seen in your son since becoming vegan?
My son doesn’t eat a lot of meat. He doesn’t get sick often and has a ton of energy.

Is it difficult choosing places to eat and eating at family functions with your diet?
It used to be, but not anymore. I find that so many restaurants around LA cater to this sort of diet. There’s also a great app for the iPhone called “HappyCow” that will show you a map of vegan restaurants nearby.

Who in your family was the hardest to adapt to your diet?
ME! My husband was already a vegan so that wasn’t an issue.

How has Tamera supported your vegan decision, do you think she’ll become vegan as well?
It has taken a while for her to understand my lifestyle change when it comes to eating. But now that some time has passed, she’s understanding it more. But I don’t think she’d ever become a vegan herself…then again, what do I know?

What are 5 simple meals/recipes for our readers to try:
1) Breakfast: oatmeal with sliced bananas with rice milk.

2) Nice vegan green juice (add apple juice to sweeten)

3) Miso soup (miso/tofu/veggies)

4) Snack: any form of edible seaweed. Great taste and texture.

5) Dinner: grain, brown rice, kale, squash


Photo Credit: Getty