Vixen Chat: Valery Ortiz on “Hit The Floor”

This summer, “Hit the Floor” has earned a place on our Hit List. The VH1 show has charmed a variety of Vixens: those with sports fan sensibilities, others that daydream of the dance life, and those who simply can’t resist the lure of a juicy nighttime soap. Set in the (fictional) world of the L.A. Devils basketball team, the series spotlights the women who get the crowds going – the Devil Girls. Most of the action is centered on the tribulations and triumphs of the newest Devil Girl, Ahsha (Taylour Paige), and her fabulous friends – like single mom and ex-Devil Girl Raquel, who is played by Valery Ortiz.

Although Raquel isn’t featured in Hit the Floor’s super-hot dance scenes, her storyline helps to drive the show’s juicy dynamic. Thanks to Ortiz’ expressiveness, Raquel’s scenes reveal more about the sports world’s inner-workings than any reality “Wives” show ever has.

We know you’re wondering how she stays so beautiful, so Vixen got the gorgeous Ortiz to spill the beans about how she gets glam and, of course, what happens behind the scenes on-set.

Photo Credit: Banana Fusion Magazine