Vixen Chat: Valery Ortiz on “Hit The Floor”

Hit-the-Floor-Valery-Ortiz-Taylour-Paige-Logan-Browning-and-Katherine-BailessWhat was the audition process like?
It was super fun, because we got to do our scenes and do choreography. It’s funny—I remember going to the producer’s call and meeting Taylour Paige and Katherine Bailess, who plays Kyle. We all made it and already liked each other by the time filming began.

What did you do, to build Raquel’s character?
I know a lot of single moms, a lot of women my age that have Raquel in them. They are chasing the dream and have had so many obstacles to overcome—in the past and currently. They are all fighters, and I took a lot [of inspiration] from these women to help build her. I love to dance, and I feel like everybody’s dealt with an asshole.

What were things like on-set?
Things on set were so much fun. What is really crazy is that we experienced [everything together from] the beginning. There are times you film a pilot and it doesn’t get picked up. With “Hit the Floor,” we got to do the pilot together and [by the time the show was picked up] several months later, it seemed like we were already a family. I’m really close to Taylour (who plays Ahsha). It’s funny how life imitates art, because she’s my confidante on the show. The entire cast is really sweet.