Vixen Vent: George Zimmerman, The New American Hero?

Zimmerman justice graphicThere are people who are uncomfortable when racism is pointed out, but it must be addressed within the broad culture. It wasn’t that long ago that black men were strung up on trees, their decomposing bodies hung like sculptures for the world to see. Past bigotry remains subtly engrained in our society, because its legacy is constantly ignored.    

A black president doesn’t prove that we’ve moved into a post-racial era.  What about all of the young, black men without President Obama’s intellect, abilities or opportunities?  Until they’re viewed individually as men, not collectively as thugs, nothing will change.

Faced with the reality of our low value in the eyes of many Americans, we must advocate for ourselves. Actor Romany Malco’s Huffington Post piece is, for example, a powerful call to action.

We all have a lot of work to do. 

- Alisha Tillery