Vixen Vent: Leave Huma Abedin Alone!

There have been several occasions where I found myself maneuvering through my Twitter feed with the meticulous care of a soldier on a mine field. Thanks to such accounts as @Peekers and @PostBadBitches, nude (semi or full frontal) photos are sought out and distributed like Pokemon cards in 1998 and can pop up on a timeline when you least expect it. Unfortunately no one knows the trade-off of a lewd photo better than fallen-Congressman-now-mayoral-candidate and sextual deviant Anthony Weiner.

Well, before Shonda Rhimes made political scandal an awesome thing for ABC and households nationwide, Weinergate played the perfect ratings-grabber for political parties beyond New York borders. A charming Democrat and six-term Congress rep with the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens on his side, only second and third to his wife and Hillary Clinton’s traveling assistant Huma Abedin, Weiner had it all. But in the spring of 2011, the BK-bred politician had some technical difficulties (as most elderly in this generation’s digital playground) and accidentally hit “send” on Twitter of a dick flick to his 40-thousand-something followers of a dick flick meant for a 21-year-old he had randomly friended on the Internet.

Skip to the part in 2013 where several nudies and a newborn son later, Weiner and his wife decide to restart their political program for a hearty attempt at normalcy in the public eye and guess what? A shot at the mayoral throne. While dipping their toes in the media with a People mag shoot with their son, Jordan, after he was born to thwart paparazzi scams in 2012 and having an intimate therapy session with the New York Times were definitely Olivia Pope chess moves, the unexpected happens: another alleged Weiner pictorial recipient steps forward the day the couple holds the most awkward presser in political stand-up thus far. Still, with a pair of red-colored, pursed lips during last Tuesday’s conference, Abedin gave the smartest explanation: the non-explanation.“I do very strongly believe that that is between us and our marriage,” she said.

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