Vixen Vent: Leave Huma Abedin Alone!

huma abedinTo support a man whose junk has seen more promo than Oscar Mayer in the past two years inevitably comes with judgment. Granted, we have no idea what happened between them behind closed doors, though if one were to venture a guess given Weiner’s sideline “campaign” and his reasons for sending the nudes include a “rough patch” in their marriage, not much. But to sum up the response from most of Twitter’s female population to Huma’s decision to stay in the marriage, Liz Peek of Fox News says it best: “He’s clearly a sick individual, and her support will allow him to carry on in a make-believe world where sending pictures of one’s genitals to strangers is okay.”

While we can’t help what Anthony’s fingers or other weiner does, Abedin shouldn’t be portrayed as a lovesick fool who needs a daily pity party. The George Washington University grad known by many in her political circle for her ability to juggle damage control and hefty workload with an expertise on the Middle East given her Pakistani/Indian background is what has not only attracted a frisky fellow like Anthony Weiner but women of power, like that of her boss Mrs. Clinton, whose stay at the White House while her husband Bill was in office was cut short because an extramarital affair. She also has a knack for keeping her mouth shut but still revealing enough to shush the curious

“Quite simply, I love my husband, I love my city, and I believe in what he wants to do for the people of New York,” she writes in her exclusive editorial for the timely September issue of Harper’s Bazaar “And in the end, that’s why Anthony decided to run for mayor. People have said many things about my husband—some nice, some not so nice. And that will surely continue. Launching this campaign was not an easy decision for our family to make. Putting yourself out there comes with a cost.” If you were expecting a post-scandal tell-all, check Mrs. Clinton’s autobio for that.

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