Vixen Vent: Leave Huma Abedin Alone!

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin in son's nursery

Still, it’s mind-boggling that a political squawkbox like Rush Limbaugh could project an image of “victim” on her with very little reason. “Huma is a Muslim. In that regard, Weiner ought to be able to get away with anything,” he said Sunday. “Muslim women don’t have any power, right? Muslim women are beheaded, stoned, whatever if they drive, have affairs. In certain countries, Muslim women, if they’re raped, are killed – it’s their fault.” This is sensational filler commentary at its best. Who needs a real reason to nitpick at a woman when you can just pin her faith on her like a scarlet letter?

Then there’s the “mansplanation” given by David Weigel at Slate who harps on the fact that Huma is being applauded for her ability to be *gasps* herself. “For some reason—maybe it’s the “wrinkle-free suit”—Abedin gets extraordinary praise for doing the most ordinary of things,” he writes. But since when was having your spouse’s skanky text messages and playing the fool to his lies on a national stage without calling out of work for your boss who’s the Secretary of State “ordinary?” Please forgive those of us who are glad a woman didn’t have a breakdown Britney Spears-style when she had every reason to.

But this is America, where public opinion has been both a blessing and a curse. It’s a sad time when men are cool with splattering their personal and professional Twitter accounts with naked women they gawk at all day or think it’s overrated when females are backed into a professional corner as a result of her husband’s idiocy yet try to do good for the sake of their jobs and families. While a public apology, or on the flip side, a public forgiveness, doesn’t repair Weiner’s controversy-stained political resume or the trust issues that will linger in the back of Huma’s mind for the remainder of their marriage, there is one thing that can be fixed: public opinion on other people’s business. Even if Huma has an agenda to seek a position in office at some point in the future, at least she isn’t crying at home, hiding in her son’s nursery. The woman’s a fighter and no vote is needed to determine that.

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