Watch: Alice Eve And Bryan Cranston Face-Off In New ‘Cold Comes the Night’ Trailer

Director Tze Chun created an intriguing tale that places a struggling working class family in a strange circumstance. Watch as Alice Eve finds herself facing off Bryan Cranston’s stone-cold Russian gangster.

Previously known as Eye of Winter, Alice Eve plays a down-on-her-luck single mom who stumbles upon a big bundle of cash. Unbeknownst to her, finding the bag of loot gets her instantly entangled with Cranston’s villainous character, who is also going blind.

If Eve doesn’t help him find it, the ruskie promises to “put bullet” in her little girl’s ear. However the blond bombshell can find a way to save herself and her daughter, this film promises to breaking from the conventional in an unique way.

Watch the clip below:

Cold Comes the Night opens on September 20 in the UK; it will hit the US later in the fall.

Props: SlashFilm