Watch: Bruce Willis Lack ‘Magic’ In The Most Awkward Interview You’ve Seen (So Far)

It’s not the first time Bruce Willis has been rude in an interview, but it is at least one of the most cringe-inducing clips that will surely seem like a funny train crash when you watch it after the break.

Willis, who was alongside Red 2 co-star Mary Louise Parker, sulked his way through their chat with Magic 105.4’s own Jamie Edwards. With the interview not going according to plan from the jump, Willis said he could “barely keep his mind” on the interview whilst answering questions about the project with one word zingers.

In an attempt to offer Edwards a bit of Interviewing 101, Willis turns stern, saying to the chatty bard, “Has any actor ever told you this Jamie? This part is not acting. You might be doing that, but the fun part is over. We’re just selling the film now.” Jamie Edwards bumbling in front of the Red 2 stars was so-bad-it’s-unintentionally-funny.

Willis, who hasn’t been this bad since his appearance on The One Show, has given Edwards an “interview he’ll never forget,” and made it into the books as one of the most cringe-inducing clips you’ll see this year. Who else will be the next to stunt on an interviewer?

Props: Mirror UK