Watch: Jay Z’s ‘Picasso Baby’ Film Trailer

“Rap is thinking out loud,” says Jay Z in the trailer for his HBO special Jay Z’s Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film. The final product will highlight Hov’s interactive music video experience with fans held earlier this month in a New York City gallery where he performed his track “Picasso Baby” for six-hours straight.

The shoot took place about a week after the release of Jay Z’s twelfth album Magna Carta Holy Grail and was attended by VIBE’s very own Datwon Thomas, who helped film the experience.

In his recount, Day called it “one of the best artist/fan interactive experiences ever.”

“Feeling the energy from the people, Jay preceded to interact with everyone in attendance as he floated around the area, bringing his face inches away from his fans — he even kissed one woman on the cheek as he rapped,” the VIBE editor retold. “Grabbing shoulders, shaking hands, play-fighting, Diddy bopping, performing Kid-N-Play’s famous kick step dance with a gentleman that forgot to do the spin part at the end (which Jay had to show him), was all part of Jay-Z’s fun-loving act in every scene. The most notable aspect of the exhibition is that the as-yet-unreleased video already exists in countless Vines and Instagram video snippets, each in perspectives that varied from guest to guest. In essence, it was a real-time music video.”

The final result of Jay Z performing “Picasso Baby” for six-hours straight will air on Aug. 2 on HBO.