Watch: Kristen Stewart Pulls A Kanye West… Sorta

Celebrities are no fans of the paparazzi. Kanye West has made this crystal clear. Now Twilight starlet Kristen Stewart has become the latest victim of a pap attack but had no reservations (or filter) in giving the verbal middle finger to the lingering photog. While ‘Ye has enforced a “don’t talk to me” policy, K-Stew took a different approach in showing that there’s levels to this… atmosphere. “You don’t deserve to breathe the same air as I do,” the fiery-haired actress said behind a green gate before giving the shutterbug the silent treatment and slipping away into the passenger’s seat of a car. And in case you were wondering if she and and on-and-off-again beau Robert Pattinson are back together? Spoiler alert: You won’t get the answer here. Check out the footage courtesy of X17online above.