Watch: Ryan Leslie ‘Black Mozart’ Documentary


Continuing to turn his life experiences in musical and visual masterpieces, Ryan Leslie premieres the full documentary to his forthcoming LP, ‘Black Mozart.’ After an unfortunate loss in a lawsuit filed against him, the “Ups & Downs” singer/songwriter/producer inspired by the defeat, trekked to Vienna, Austria, and documented and record the production process of his follow up to ‘Les Is More.’

Giving a never before seen look, the 25 minute visual which will accompany his new EP takes a behind-the-scenes approach into R. Les’ creative process including late-night studio sessions, club nights, and lavish European lifestyle.

“Black Mozart starts at the moment that I walk out of the courthouse. I wrote the entire album in the two days following the verdict, so the album is written and will be recorded in layers with the strings, horns and potentially a choir in the royal conservatory in Vienna, Austria, one of the homes of some of the most classical music ever written.” Peep the layers of the ‘Black Mozart’ below.” –Andrew Asare