Weekend News Round Up

Morris Chestnut

Turns out being a dark skinned actor in Hollywood is just as hard as its female counterpart.During an exclusive interview with Hello Beautiful, Morris Chestnut recalls breaking into the acting business in the 90’s. He may have the tall, dark and handsome look down, but it hasn’t always worked in his favor.

“You’re talking to the right person because when I was coming up, it was all about Prince, Michael Jackson, Jesse Jackson. So it was really difficult for me coming up. Matter of fact, my first production company was called ‘Dark Skin Productions,” because it was difficult breaking in,” said the Best Man Holiday star.

“And then, Wesley Snipes broke through and he opened it up for us dark-skinned brothers. Some of my boys, Shemar Moore, they’re light-skinned and they get theirs too. There’s enough for everybody.”

Photo Credit: Black Celeb Kids