Young Guru Talks Jay-Z Retiring, Piracy Helping Hip-Hop And More

Jay-Z’s DJ and recording engineer Young Guru is no stranger to the everchanging landscape of music as he continues to drop knowledge about the culture whenever a mic is put in front of him. During a recent pit stop at the The Come Up Show up North, Guru discussed his upcoming projects and new headphone line. He also spoke on Hov’s future in music and how piracy has actually helped hip-hop.

“Basically pirates are showing a hole in society, something that they people want but we aren’t giving it to them. Instead of fighting a pirate you should see what it is they are servicing to the people and figure out how you yourself can service that,” Guru said. “In dealing with digital downloading and the era we are headed in….with the internet you can’t just attack people, there is got to be a way to figure out what am I not doing that the pirate is doing and how can I monetize that simple as that.”

Watch the full interview above.