10 Rappers Who Should Use Miley Cyrus As A Muse

Move over, Amanda Bynes. Rappers are loving them some Miley Cyrus right now. From Jay-Z—who name-dropped her on his new song, “Somewhereinamerica”—to Big Sean, who featured her in the music video for his new song, “Fire,” Miley Cyrus has quickly turned into hip-hop’s favorite muse over the course of the last few months (Billboard agrees). It’s slightly bizarre to see her popularity soaring like it is. But hey, who are we to tell rappers to leave her alone?

In fact, if rappers are going to embrace Miley Cyrus, we think they should go all out with it. Use her image for mixtape covers! Sample her voice for songs! Hire her to go on tour with you and let her twerk all night! Basically, make this Miley thing a real moment. Here, we suggest 10 rappers who should use Miley Cyrus as a muse.

Photo Credit: Getty Images