The 10 Most Surprising Hip-Hop Reunions In Recent History


For whatever reason, rappers looooooove beefing with one another. So sworn enemies, lyrical foes and even guys who are supposed to be BFFs routinely get into silly squabbles both on and off of rap songs. But do you know what else rappers love? Reunions! Even when they get into some type of altercation or stop speaking for years, they always seem to find a way to make their relationship work in the end and reunite. And no matter how many times we see it happen, we’re always surprised.

Case in point: Jay Z and Dame Dash. They spent the past decade or so ignoring each other after a falling out in 2004. But late last week, they met up at a mutual friend’s birthday party, exchanged pleasantries, and even posed for a few Instagram pictures. It was just like old times again!

With their reunion complete, we take a look at 10 other surprising reunions in recent hip-hop history. Can you believe these acts overlooked their differences and were able to reunite?