8 Things Rihanna Doesn’t Give a Phuck About


Rihanna seems to have misplaced all of her phucks. The self proclaimed ‘bad girl’ has made a drastic transformation from the sweet and innocent island girl we first met back in 2005. Now the “Unapologetic” singer does whatever she pleases (with whomever she pleases) and it doesn’t look like she’s planning to put her halo back on anytime soon. Click through to find out eight things RiRi gives zero phucks about. — Terry Carter Jr. 

1. Court dates

This month RiRi was fined by the courts for failing to show up for court hearings to settle the case against her ex-accountants who she accused of swindling her for money. RiRi has been ordered to pay $47,050 for her no show act.

Photo Credit: standard.co.uk