Amanda Bynes’ Psychiatric Hold Extended, Conservatorship Granted

Another 30 days have been tacked on to what started out as a two-week psychiatric hold for girl gone wild Amanda Bynes. TMZ reports that her doctors did not consider the former Nickelodeon starlet well enough to leave the hospital after Friday’s emergency hearing with a judge. Bynes was admitted into Ventura Hospital after allegedly setting a small fire in a Los Angeles driveway last month.

Doctors reportedly made the call that the 27-year-old actress should remain in their care. According to law, such an arrangement can only only be made if the patient is “gravely disabled as a result of a mental disorder.” Medical personnel did not feel Bynes was well enough to attend the probate hearing.

Judge Glen Reiser also granted her parents Richard and Lynn Bynes temporary conservatorship, meaning limited control of their daughter’s personal affairs, including medical treatment.

A source told the New York Daily News Thursday that the “She’s The Man” star is “not improving yet. … These meds take longer than a week to work, and she’s only been given them for about a week.”

Photo Credit: Twitter