Apple Co-Founder Doesn’t Know If He Likes Kanye West’s Music Or Not

One of the founding fathers of Apple, Steve Wozniak, is kind of a big deal to rapper Kanye West. So much so that his reality star gal pal Kim Kardashian gifted him with a baby and Apple mice autographed by Wozniak and the late tech great Steve Jobs. In a recent profile for New York magazine, Woz details his business meeting with ‘Ye, getting a call from Kim K and thoughts on the upcoming flick Jobs.

On Kim K’s unique born day gift:
“Oh my gosh, I don’t watch TV. I’d never seen her. just admired the fact that she was doing this for somebody she loved—true love, you know?”

On Kanye West’s music:
“I’ve never heard his music, to tell you the truth. I don’t know if I like it or not.”

His business advice to ‘Ye:
“My advice would probably be pick one narrow category to start with, do it so well you own that category, and then one bowling pin knocks over other bowling pins. What is the path to get there? Thank God I’m not a businessman—I can’t really be expected to have the answers.”

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