Artist Rejects Jay Z’s Picasso Comparisons, Turns Rapper Into ‘Fine Art’

Jay Z’s appreciation for fine art has been most apparent throughout his recent release Magna Carta Holy Grail. From the album’s cover to his performance art film for “Picasso Baby,” Hov is mashing up the best of both worlds.

But not everyone believes the Brooklyn boy is a modern-day Pablo. Artist Alex Reyes took to Frank 151, an art and culture media site, to denounce Jay Z’s self-made comparisons to figures like Basquiat and Picasso. In “Jay Z As Fine Art,” Reyes plants the rapper among classic pieces by the likes of Andy Warhol, Leonardo da Vinci and Shepard Fairey.

“We get it, you can wipe your ass with hundred dollar bills, but sorry Jay, you’re neither ‘the new Jean-Michel’ or ‘the modern day Pablo Picasso,’” Reyes wrote. “If said artists could return the favor and include you in their work though, it might look something like this.”

Check out “Jay Z As Fine Art” above.

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